General rental conditions


–Check availability.

–Be over 25 years old and have a class B or B1 driving license (Tourism card) with at least two years old.

–Pay 30% of the total rent.

–Credit card for the payment of the deposit at the time of the pickup of the camper

– VEHICLES MAY ONLY CIRCULAR THROUGH COUNTRIES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (E.U.) – Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Andorra and Switzerland.

– To travel outside of Spain, the client IS OBLIGATED to notify Bora Bora Camper in advance and the VIA T device associated with the vehicle will be delivered on the first day of rental. To ensure the payment of the expenses for using the tolls in these countries, the lessee will have to pay €150 as a TRAVEL DEPOSIT ABROAD. This amount can be paid by credit card (withholding/blocking), bizum, bank transfer or in cash. From this amount, the expenses for the use of the toll will be subtracted exclusively once the rental has ended and the remainder will be returned to the lessee.


– The place of delivery and return of the CAMPER will be in our address of Vía Augusta Avenue 19, in Seville (C.P. 41016). GPS location Latitude: 37.382504133004936, Longitude: -5.913880979287838 (N 37º 22`57«, W 05º 54` 50«).

– The deliveries and returns of vehicles will be made, except for exceptions, at least one hour before closing, during our usual schedule. From Monday to Sunday from 09:30 to 20:30.

– The delay in delivery or return will be billed at 60.00 Euros every hour or fraction. (full hours).

– The time of return of the vehicle is not the time of arrival at our facilities, the vehicle is considered returned when they are delivered the keys, and the vehicle is left empty and clean. (Calculate the unloading and cleaning time so that no delay is applied to the return).

– When contracting always for full days, the vehicle will be picked up from 09:30 a.m. on the day of departure and will be returned before 8:30 p.m. on the day of return. Counting the day of departure and return as full days.


– To make the reservation of dates you must pay 30% of the total rental amount. (Minimum 100 Euros).

– For rentals of 7 days or more, the total payment of the rental will have to be made 7 days before the start of the rental.

– In rentals shorter than 7 days, payment can be made on the same day it begins.

Cancellation fees:

– If the cancellation is communicated before 30 days from the start of the rental, 50% of the deposit is returned.

– If the cancellation is communicated less than 30 days before the start, nothing of the signal is returned.

– Any cancellation less than 7 days before the start of the rental entails the total loss of the rental amount. (no amount paid is returned and if there are pending payments, the total amount of the rent will be claimed).

– Reservations in which a SALE RATE has been applied do not have the right to any refund in case of Cancellation. (Any Offer in which the price is lower than the Rate or the short rental supplement has not been charged in July and August).


– The rental price includes an all-risk insurance with Franchise.

– The contract includes 2 drivers.

– Travel assistance with European coverage.

– Before the Withdrawal of the vehicle, a deposit of 600.00 Euros to guarantee the return of the vehicle in perfect condition, in anticipation of possible damage that may occur during the rental period in the vehicle or its equipment of housing.

– The lessee undertakes to pay the first 600.00 Euros of damages for each incident that occurs during the rental.

– In case of bringing pets, the deposit will be 700.00 Euros. (must be communicated, authorized).

– Damage to windows or wheels (tyres, rims and/or hubcaps) will be paid for by the lessee.

– The entire rental amount will be paid before the withdrawal vehicle.

– In rentals of 7 days or more, the entire rent will be paid with a minimum advance notice of 7 days before the departure date.

– Late pickup or early return of the vehicle will not entails any refund.


– The vehicle is delivered clean both externally and internally.

– If a breakdown occurs before the delivery of the camper that prevented the normal use of the camper by the client, the lessor will be obliged to return the total amount paid by the client without place for additional compensation on the part of the landlord to the customer.

– If an accident occurs with the fault of an opponent or a breakdown in the camper not caused by misuse or improper use of the same by the client, the lessor will act according to insurance conditions, repatriating the client(s) at no cost to the latter, to the place of commencement of the rental and returning the costs of the days rent not enjoyed.

– If the client exceeds the speed limit established by the lessor of 110km/h indicated by the GPS locator installed in the camper for 3 occasions, the client will automatically lose the amount of the deposit for incurring in an improper use of the camper and cause premature damage and improper wear.

– If the client incurs in any illegality such as speeding on the road, non-payment of tolls or fees, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and the pertinent authorities so identify it, will proceed before the communication to these authorities by the lessor of driver/client identification.

– The vehicle will be returned clean inside, service, shower, kitchen, burners, refrigerator, and kitchenware, (same as delivery), the return of the vehicle without cleaning or with a cleaning deficient will carry a charge of 100.00 Euros (the camper takes to clean for at least an hour, keep this forecast in mind to calculate the return time).

– The vehicle is returned with the ad-blue light off and will be returned in the same way.

– Late delivery carries a penalty of 60 Euros per hour or fraction (full hours are billed).

– The vehicle will be returned with all its equipment and accessories.

– Only pets, educated, dewormed and with their corresponding vaccination card will be admitted. It is necessary to communicate it before and must be expressly authorized by the lessor in the contract. The entry of animals without authorization in the entire camper (not even in the trunk) is prohibited. (If it is detected that animals have traveled without authorization, a penalty of 250 Euros will be charged).

– Smoking is prohibited in the camper (If it is detected that there has been smoking inside the camper, a penalty of 200 Euros will be charged).

– No repairs to the vehicle are authorized by the client, without prior communication, the client agrees to follow our indications in case of failure, breakage of any element of the camper or accident, in case of detecting any repair or attempt to conceal any damage by the customer in any way element of the vehicle without the express authorization of the lessor will entail the total loss of the deposit and the additional claim of the cost of damage.

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